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A boat trip in Malawi showing a small boat close to the shore.

Treating seasickness and motion sickness

Don’t let seasickness and nausea ruin your cruising vacation

Fall view of Japan under a blue sky with red trees and a pagoda in the foreground and Mount Fuji in the background.

Do I need a covid test to go to Japan?

Japan is welcoming tourists again – but you may need a covid test before your flight

A mosquito on skin.

Is there a vaccine against malaria?

Ways for travelers to protect themselves from malaria

A traveler waiting at an airport.

Which covid-19 test do I need for travel?

How do you decide which covid test best meets your needs?

Rabies vaccinations for travel

Rabies vaccinations for travel

World Rabies Day is September 28: do you know how to avoid exposure to this virus?

A traveler with a suitcase holding a bundle of travel documents

How do I find out the covid entry requirements for my destination?

Don’t get turned away at the border for health reasons

A hygienic, well-maintained toilet block

Is it safe to drink the water at my destination?

Drinking water is crucial for holiday health – but the wrong water can expose you to dangerous pathogens

A family on vacation

Do I need to get vaccinated for covid before I travel?

Do you need to get a covid vaccine to get a visa?

A woman retreats to a cool, dark place to recover from heat exhaustion.

Could you cope with a heatwave while traveling?

What would happen if there was a heatwave at your vacation destination?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia opens up to international travelers

What are the covid rules when you go to Australia?

Am I at risk of monkeypox on vacation

Am I at risk of monkeypox on vacation?

Got questions about monkeypox? We’ve got answers

airport departure board

Do I need to get a covid test before my flight?

Will your airline allow you to board your flight without a covid test?

A woman holding a water bottle

Traveling when you have allergies

Is it safe for me to travel if I have an allergy?

A cruise liner at night

Is it safe to go on a cruise?

Cruise vacations are available again: sail safely with our tips

A bed with a mosquito net for malaria avoidance

Do I need antimalarials for my trip?

Easy steps to avoid malaria while traveling

traveler at airport

Is it safe for me to travel abroad?

Making good health decisions as the world opens up again

Traveling after youve had covid-19

Traveling after you’ve had covid-19

Worried about proving you are covid negative after a recent infection? Read on

How to book and take a video test

How to book and take a video test

Making an appointment for a video-observed covid test is quick and easy with Global Travel Clinics

Covid-19 stay safe from infection in the airport

Covid-19: stay safe from infection in the airport

Traveling by air but worried about what it’s like at the airport? We’ve got you covered

What covid-19 test do I need before I fly

What covid-19 test do I need before I fly?

Get ready for air travel during the pandemic

A traveller with a covid travel health certificate.

Coronavirus: how to stay safe on your flight

Steps you need to take to protect yourself and others from the omicron variant during air travel

Decorative image of Japan.

How to get tested for covid before travel

The best way to get a reliable coronavirus test for traveling