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What covid test do I need for entering China?

What covid test do I need for entering China?
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How to find out the testing and vaccination requirements for visiting China

Now that China has opened its borders again, many business and leisure travelers are booking trips and vacations there. But are you aware of the border requirements for entering China? And do you know what covid tests you’ll need to get for a trip to China?

Covid is still very much a problem in China, and you’ll want to take precautions to avoid infection while traveling there.

In order to determine which covid tests to get for your trip to China, Global Travel Clinics is in the best position to assist you. Six to eight weeks before your trip, schedule a travel health appointment with us to find out what screenings and immunizations you’ll require.

Does entering China require a covid test?

To enter China, you must provide evidence of a negative PCR test. It’s crucial to confirm entry criteria at every stage when you are travel planning for a visit to China. This is due to the possibility of last-minute changes to China’s border rules. Keep an eye on the travel advisories for China issued by the US government.

The US Embassy and Consulates in China can provide trustworthy information about the covid situation in China. Your travel agency or airline may also contact you with advice and information about your journey and your visit to China.

Where can I get a covid test suitable for entering China?

If you are traveling to China for business, school, or pleasure, Global Travel Clinics can provide covid-19 RT PCR testing nearby.

At Global Travel Clinics, scheduling an appointment for a pre-travel PCR covid test is quick and simple. Select a suitable clinic in the closest city to you. All our state-of-the-art travel health centers have convenient city center and downtown locations. Also, there is no need to interrupt your working day to get tested for covid before your trip to China because we have covid testing sessions early in the morning and late in the evening.

Your PCR covid test results will be available by 5pm the following day, along with a certificate of negative covid test result. We will send your covid test certificate for travel to China by email for your convenience.

Is traveling to China safe?

As its limits are being lifted, China is seeing a rise in covid infections. You are therefore more likely to be exposed to the virus if you travel to China.

Your travel plans may be impacted if the Chinese government imposes restrictions on local and foreign travel. For instance, the town or city where you are staying can have entry and exit restrictions placed on it without warning. If you don’t comply with the regulations in China, you may be detained, quarantined and/or fined.

Do I need to get tested before I travel from China back to the US?

To board the aircraft back to the US, you’ll have to present either a negative covid-19 test result from a test taken no more than two days before departure, or proof of recovery within the last 90 days. This applies to travelers aged two and over. It is easy to access covid testing services in China, with results available within 24 hours. The US Embassy and Consulates in China has a list of ways to access covid tests in China.

Prepare for your trip with Global Travel Clinics

We can provide pre-travel covid testing and vaccination recommendations for your trip to China. To get the best possible advice about travel health, vaccinations for a trip to China (including catch-up vaccines) and covid testing requirements, come and see us for a travel health consult six to eight weeks before you depart.