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Vaccine Information


Which travel vaccinations do you need?


Global Travel Clinics can administer the travel vaccinations you need to protect your health wherever your journey takes you.

At Global Travel Clinics our advisers can help you understand the different requirements for each destination. They will ask about your travel plans, your medical history and the activities you will be doing and this will help them decide which vaccinations to recommend. Our consultation slots are 30 minutes long, and we are the only travel clinics to offer this level of service. If you have complex travel plans or are a frequent traveller, book a double slot at no extra cost so we can give you the best possible service.

Value for money

Are you wondering whether you can save money with the combined hepatitis A and typhoid shot? Vaccines are available in different forms and our travel healthcare professionals will guide you through the different choices to create a travel health regime that is right for you and represents great value for money.

Malaria prophylaxis

Global Travel Clinics can also provide you with anti-malarias to help you avoid this deadly mosquito-borne disease. Our advisers will also give advice about avoiding other tropical diseases, such as Chikungunya and Dengue fever, that are spread by mosquito bites.

Entry requirements

Some countries require you to produce a certificate of vaccination upon entry. Global Travel Clinics is a designated yellow fever centre.  We can also issue a certificate of vaccination against meningococcal meningitis.

Can I get vaccinated for a last-minute trip?

Booked last minute? Not a problem! Although it is best to get your travel jabs sorted out six to eight weeks before you leave, Global Travel Clinics offers same-day travel vaccinations at our downtown Calgary location.

Make an appointment with Global Travel Clinics now and discuss your requirements for travel vaccinations.