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Global Travel Clinics offers reliable covid-19 PCR testing for travelers and non-travelers in convenient city center locations. We also administer video covid-19 antigen tests for travelers returning to the US.


We have clinics for covid-19 testing in convenient locations throughout the United States.

Pre-travel covid-19 testing in California

We have covid-19 testing centers in:

  • LA
  • San Diego

Pre-travel covid-19 testing in District of Columbia

We provide a local covid test service in Washington.

Pre-travel covid-19 testing in Florida

Global Travel Clinics is taking bookings for covid-19 testing in:

  • Miami
  • Orlando

Pre-travel covid-19 testing in Nevada

Get a covid-19 test before you travel out of Las Vegas.

Pre-travel covid-19 testing in Texas

We have clinics where you can get tested for covid-19 in:

  • Austin and Cedar Park
  • Houston & Stafford

We’re opening new covid-19 testing clinics every month, so if we can’t help you this time with a local pre-flight covid-19 test, we may be able to help you next time you travel.

How to book a pre-travel covid testing appointment at a clinic near you

Booking an appointment with Global Travel Clinics is easy! Book online right now or call tel: +1 888 672 0005.

What covid-19 test do I need for my flight?

There are two types of covid-19 test: the gold standard PCR test and the rapid-results antigen test. Some destinations will accept a recent negative antigen test result for a travel health certificate. Other destinations insist that all arriving travelers must have a negative PCR test result.

The test needs to be taken within a specific timeframe, often 48, 72 or 96 hours before arrival.

Do I need a PCR test or an antigen test?

Nations change their border and travelers’ entry requirements rapidly and with little or no notice in response to the pandemic situation. So it is important that you make certain you are getting the right kind of test for your journey. Our staff have access to frequently updated travel health bulletins, but it is your responsibility to ascertain what test you need before your trip.

We recommend checking a reliable source such as the US Department of State’s travel advisories when you plan your trip. Also take a look at the government website for your destination, and your airline’s website.

Remember that you may need to meet the requirements of any country you pass through on your way to your destination, too.

As the situation on the ground can change rapidly, please check the covid-19 testing requirements of your destination at each stage of your journey planning.

When should I book my pre-travel covid-19 test?

You will need to get your covid-19 travel health certificate within a specific time window before your journey. This is often 48, 72 or 96 hours before travel or before arrival. It is your responsibility to check the requirements of your destination and of any territories that you will pass through.

It takes about 24 hours to get your PCR covid-19 test results and travel certificate. The rapid-results antigen test result and certificate will be ready in three to four hours.

The testing appointment itself is very quick, taking a matter of minutes.


How to book an appointment with Global Travel Clinics

Booking an appointment with Global Travel Clinics is easy! Book online right now or call tel: +1 888 672 0005. We like to be transparent about how much travel vaccines cost, so do take a look at our prices page.