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Do I need to get a covid test before my flight?

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Will your airline allow you to board your flight without a covid test?

The travel restrictions that kept us safe during the height of the covid pandemic are gradually being lifted around the world. But how do you find out about testing requirements before your flight?

Covid testing requirements can change rapidly and without notice, so it is important that you regularly check reliable sources as you plan your trip abroad.

Does the Centers for Disease Control require you to get tested for covid-19 before traveling?

The Centers for Disease Control recommends getting a covid-19 antigen test no more than three days before you travel. This will protect passengers and crew traveling with you. You should not travel if you have covid symptoms or have tested positive for covid-19 within the last ten days. Read the Centers for Disease Control’s full covid-19 advice for travelers.

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Do airlines make you get tested for covid before boarding your flight?

Some airlines may require you to show a negative covid-19 test before they allow you to board. Check with your airline to find out if this applies to your flight. Bear in mind that the rules may change at short notice, so check frequently while you are planning your trip abroad. Most airlines have a covid section on their website that you can refer to.

Do I need a covid test at my destination?

Some countries will require proof of vaccination or exemption before you are allowed to enter. Check the US State Department’s list of travel advisories to better understand the entry requirements for your destination.

Your airline may also have some advice for you, and also the government of your destination.

Do I need a covid test to return to the US?

Everyone over the age of two traveling to the United States from abroad, including citizens, will have to show a negative covid-19 test result. The test needs to be taken within one day of the scheduled departure to the US. The test should be an antigen test, also known as a viral test or NAAT.

This is the US State Department’s information about covid testing requirements for entering the US.

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