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Should I wear a covid mask while traveling?

Should I wear a covid mask while traveling?
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Face covering rules for travelers

Masks are a valuable tool in the fight against pandemic covid-19. But variation in rules around the use of face coverings has caused anxiety for some travelers. Here’s some advice to help you make the right decision about wearing a mask to prevent the spread of covid-19 and other respiratory diseases including flu and measles.

Which countries require travelers to wear a mask?

Most governments and airlines appreciate that not everyone can wear a mask, and for the most part the decision to wear a mask is an individual choice.

The infection-control rules for travelers change rapidly and without notice. So we recommend checking with your airline or health department or government of your destination country to confirm whether or not you must wear a mask. You can also check whether or not you need to show a negative covid test result to board your flight.

It is common for governments to require people to wear a mask in healthcare settings, including pharmacies, clinics and hospitals. In some regions, it’s the norm to wear masks on public transport. The best way to find out about masking norms at your destination is to ask someone who lives there or who has recently returned.

What mask is best for travelers who want to avoid covid?

The best masks have two or three layers and fit well around the mouth and nose. If you wear glasses, go for a mask that has a wire nose bridge to reduce fogging.

Here is the CDC’s advice about masks.

When should travelers wear a face mask?

Some experts recommend wearing a face covering if you are in an enclosed space – like an airplane cabin. This is particularly the case in winter, when there are lots of respiratory viruses circulating.

Young children are generally exempt from rules about face coverings and masks.

Should I wear a mask to travel if I have covid?

If you have covid symptoms and/or you’ve taken a covid test and got a positive result, wearing a mask can reduce the spread of covid. The CDC strongly recommends that you do not travel if you have covid and are still isolating.

When should travelers get a covid PCR test for flying?

You may wish to get tested for covid before travel for your own peace of mind and to keep other vulnerable travelers safe.

Many people get a covid test after air travel because they want to assure themselves that they are not a risk to their friends and family.

If the covid testing rules for arriving travelers at your destination require you to get tested for covid, make a covid testing appointment with Global Travel Clinics. Our covid-19 test service is specifically designed with travelers in mind, and we will provide your results in a format that should be acceptable to immigration and border officials.