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Do I need to get vaccinated for covid before I travel?

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Do you need to get a covid vaccine to get a visa?

Wondering how to find out if you need proof of covid vaccination for your vacation? Here is our advice

Which destinations require proof of covid vaccination?

Some governments will not issue a visa unless you can show proof of covid-19 vaccination. Others may require proof at the border. Governments are changing their requirements with little to no notice, and we recommend that you check often when planning your trip. Getting it wrong may result in delays at the border, or you may even be denied entry and sent straight back to the US.

There are several reliable sources of information about covid status and entry requirements for the country you are visiting. These are:

Do I need a covid-19 booster jab before I travel?

Depending on when you had your primary covid-19 vaccination series, you may need a booster. Check the specific information provided by your destination country to learn more.

Which covid vaccines are best for travelers?

Unfortunately, some governments and administrations do not accept certain covid vaccines. Covid vaccines that are widely accepted include:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen

Where can I get vaccinated against covid-19 ahead of my trip abroad?

To find covid-19 vaccine locations near you use the website to search for the nearest covid-19 vaccine center.

How long before I travel should I get my covid-19 booster?

Some governments limit the time allowed between the final dose of covid vaccine, or booster and your date of travel. The time limit is different for different vaccine brands. For example, France says that your final dose of Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna must be seven or more days before you travel.

It can take three to four weeks for a visa application to go through, so if you are getting vaccinated to obtain a visa, start arranging your vaccine well before your departure date.

Do I need a covid test before I travel?

Some destinations do have a covid testing requirement, or you may want to get tested for covid-19 before you travel for your own peace of mind. At Global Travel Clinics, we can help with pre-travel covid testing, and can provide you with a certificate of covid testing suitable for travel.

We can administer both PCR covid tests and rapid antigen tests for travelers.

First check the entry requirements for your destination, and then make an appointment within the specified testing window. We have plenty of appointments at our travel health and covid testing clinics across the US.

Remember: it is your responsibility to confirm the entry requirements of your destination before booking covid tests for your travel group.

What if I need a covid test for non-travel reasons?

We can easily test you for covid-19 for any reason at all. It doesn’t have to be for travel. You may want to get tested for covid before a family party or because you are visiting a vulnerable person. Or you might want a test before or after attending a conference, convention or sporting event. Whatever your reason for needing a symptomless covid-19 test, we’re happy to help.