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What is the covid situation at my destination?

What is the covid situation at my destination?
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Find the covid entry requirements for your destination

To avoid delays when traveling abroad you’ll want to find out the covid testing requirements for your destination. Travelers who arrive at the border or airport without the required covid test certificates risk being turned away, or detained for testing. So it’s important to have a plan for testing everyone you are traveling with.

What covid test do I need before my flight?

Covid testing requirements vary from destination to destination, and they can change at very short notice. It’s important to act on up-to-date information when you are getting tested ahead of a trip abroad. There are many sources of information about covid test requirements that are out-of-date, so check your sources carefully before relying on them.

We recommend getting information about covid test for travel requirements from:

  • the travel agent organizing your trip
  • the airline you are traveling with
  • the US State Department’s travel advisories
  • the government at your destination

At Global Travel Clinics our advisors can help you to work out what pre-travel covid tests you need, and when you should get them. Usually, you’ll need a test within a 48-hour window prior to your departure.

When you come for your travel health appointment six to eight weeks before your departure, you can book your covid tests with Global Travel Clinics. We have lots of appointments for doing travel covid tests; and our clinics have accessible city-center locations.

Do I need I covid test to board my cruise?

Some cruise lines will need you to show proof of a negative covid test before you can board. We can provide a covid-19 PCR swab test, an antigen test and an antibody test, as well as certificates showing your result.

The CDC has some advice for cruise passengers, which you may find of use when planning your vacation.

Can I get a last-minute covid-19 test for my flight?

We see you there, searching frantically for covid PCR testing near me! Don’t worry – our travel clinics in Texas and in District of Columbia can help. Testing for covid takes minutes, and in some cases we can give you same-day results and a covid test certificate to use for travel.

You can book an appointment through our clinics page or you can call us on  +1 888 351 3336.

How soon will my covid test results and certificate be ready?

A rapid antigen test result is available within hours, while a PCR test result will be available within 24 hours. We have plenty of appointments at our covid travel testing centers, so call us as soon as you realize you need to get tested.

Do I need to get tested for covid before my return to the US?

At time of writing, there is no requirement to get tested for covid before entering the US.

Should I get a covid test when I come home from vacation?

There is no requirement to get tested for covid on your return to the US, but for your own peace of mind, you may want to take a covid test after your vacation or business trip. We offer a covid test service that is suitable for returning travelers at our travel clinics. To get an appointment for a back from travel covid test, visit our clinics page to find your nearest branch of Global Travel Clinics.