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Do I need a covid test for travel in Europe?

Do I need a covid test for travel in Europe?
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Working out what tests and vaccines you need to visit Europe

Covid is still a concern for many and if you’re going to Europe you may be wondering if you need to get tested for covid in order to board the plane or enter your destination.

In this blogpost, we offer advice and tips for working out whether to get tested for covid ahead of your trip to Europe.

Do I need to get tested for covid before I go to Europe?

There is no blanket rule about covid tests to enter Europe. Individual countries and states have different rules about covid testing; and these may change at short notice. We recommend checking reliable sources of information about covid test requirements for your destination. For example, your airline; your travel agent, the US Department of State’s travel advisories, or the authorities at your destination.

Where can I get help and advice about covid tests for travelers?

You can also get help with planning your covid testing regime at your travel health appointment. We recommend making an appointment with a travel health adviser six to eight weeks before your departure. This allows time to get any vaccines that have to be given in multiple doses to be effective.

We have a travel health clinic in Washington DC and travel health clinics in Houston, Texaswhere you can get travel health appointments and covid tests for a vacation in Europe.

What type of covid test should I get before I go to Europe?

There are two types of covid test that are suitable for travelers: PCR and rapid antigen. The test you should get depends on the entry requirements of your destination.

PCR covid tests are the most accurate kind of test. Results of PCR tests are available 24-48 hours after you take the test.

Rapid antigen tests give results much faster, usually within hours.

At Global Travel Clinics, we offer an RT PCR test with travel certificate; and a rapid antigen test. To arrange a covid test ahead of visit to Europe, make an appointment at one of our travel health clinics.

How much will it cost to get tested for covid for going to Europe?

The cost of covid tests varies, but at Global Travel Clinics, we aim to keep our prices competitive locally. Please visit our clinics page to see the most up-to-date pricing for our covid tests.

Where can I get a 15-minute covid test near me?

The process for testing for covid takes minutes – you can be in and out of your covid test appointment in under fifteen minutes! One of our travel health clinics is the perfect place to get a safe covid test that you can depend upon for your trip to Europe.

What happens if I test positive at my covid travel appointment?

If your covid test returns a positive result, we will let you know. Even if you feel well, you should isolate yourself to avoid spreading the virus to others around you. The CDC has advice to help you work out how long to isolate after testing positive for covid.

It is likely that you will have to cancel your trip abroad if you test positive for covid-19.

Can I get a test for covid for my own peace of mind?

Our covid testing service can be used by anyone without covid symptoms, whether they are traveling or not. You can get a covid test on your return from Europe to check that you can safely visit vulnerable friends and family.

Keep informed about covid testing requirements

Check the covid testing requirements for your destination regularly as you plan your trip to Europe. This will allow you to organize any covid tests and certificates that you need for your flights.