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Located in the South-Central Region of the US, Texas is the second largest state in terms of area as well as population. Global Travel Clinics operates throughout the state of Texas to provide the best travel healthcare to the locals. We have travel clinics in various cities from Austin to Houston and many more. If you are looking for Covid PCR or Covid Rapid Antigen Test for work or to travel internationally then our state of the art clinics in Houston-Katy Freeway and Stafford will serve as a one stop shop for all your pre-departure PCR and Antigen testing. We provide Covid fit to fly travel certificate which is accepted internationally.  

Global Travel Clinics Houston & Stafford
Have you planned a trip overseas in the coming future? Did you know you should fully prepare your mind and body for the travelling it is going to do? If you are reading this, you are headed to the right direction. Global Travel Clinics provides you with the best immunity and advice that you need to enjoy your trip free of hassles and worries. Book an appointment with us right away and let us take care of your health.

Our services
We are the leading travel clinic in Houston providing quality travel healthcare. We provide travel vaccinations and immunizations and customized advice to fit your needs. We also organize catch up shots and provide our clientele with travel health certificates and travel medicine prescriptions. Our professional expert staff will guide you on the possible risks you are exposed to on your foreign trips and will advice you on how to protect yourself. Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of our clients.

What makes us different?
Global Travel Clinics is the top leading travel clinic in Houston Downtown. We are different because we care about our clients. We make policies that are most beneficial for you, such as no waiting time, urgent appointments and etc. We value your time and money and work endlessly to provide you with the best services at an affordable rate. We employ the best travel and medical staff to give you the finest travel healthcare experience of your time. We keep our records and information up to date with our special access to the newest information on the market.

Why is travel healthcare important?

When you are travelling, you stress about planning, catching your flights, you may also experience flying anxiety, you also come into contact with so many different people, at the airport, at your destination and you may also experience sleep deprivation. All of this stress, and environmental and temperature changes weaken your immune system making it easier for you to get sick. Moreover, you are exposed to so many new and different kinds of germs and bacteria and being around so many different people and surfaces makes you more prone to contract illnesses. Therefore, it is important to boost your immunity before travelling and get necessary vaccinations in order to protect yourself from getting sick. Furthermore, by reducing risks of getting sick, you also eliminate the possibility of having to pay for expensive potential healthcare abroad. Being stress free about sickness and having the know-how to deal with difficult situations can give you a sense of relaxation and peace of mind which can allow you to enjoy your trip more. GTC Downtown Travel Clinics is here to do just that, so book an appointment with us right now.

How to book an appointment?
It is really simple to book an appointment with our Houston Downtown travel clinic. All you have to do is check your calendar and see what day and time you are free. Then, visit us online or call our clinic, see the timeslots that are available and select the day and time of your liking and voila, it is done. All you need to do afterwards is reach on time. Also, make sure to book your appointment a couple weeks before your leaving date in order to have sufficient time for travel shots that have multiples doses over a stretch of time.

What are the costs?
Every person will have a separate appointment and different treatments that serve their personal needs. This is because each person has different circumstances even if they are travelling together to the same destination and their personal bodily conditions and functions will vary. Therefore, their treatments will be especially customized by our trained experts to fit their requirements. The costs can vary from person to person but we can guarantee that we provide the best value for money and our main aim is to minimize your costs. Our staff will suggest combined shots instead of individual shots, if it is possible, to make the treatment less expensive. Moreover, we have strict transparency policy. We have no hidden charges.

Services: Travel Vaccinations and catch-up Shots
We have a full variety of travel vaccinations and shots that we always keep in stock to ensure immediate treatments without any delays. These vaccinations and immunizers cater to diseases and infections caused by contaminated foods and drinks, bacteria and viruses, insect, animal and mosquito bites and area and weather specific diseases. Our team at Houston travel clinic works tirelessly to ensure you get the suitable treatment that will intensify your immunity. We can administer vaccines for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Cholera, Yellow fever, Tick-borne encephalitis, Rabies and Japanese encephalitis, Hepatitis B, Meningococcal meningitis, Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria. We also organize catch up shots that comprise of Tetanus, Influenza, Diphtheria, Shingles, Chicken Pox and Pertussis.

Services: Tuberculosis testing
Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that attacks your lungs. It was previously incurable but fortunately, now we have treatments and vaccinations for it. It is growing increasingly common nowadays. It is highly probable that you may have been exposed to it at your work place or other social gatherings. You can catch it by shaking hands with an infected person, or being in close proximity to them when are coughing or sneezing and etc. We urge you to get tested to eliminate all health doubts, for you peace of mind and for ours. Our top concern is your wellbeing.

Services: issuing travel certificates
Several countries require proof of certain vaccinations for entry in the form of travel certificates for example; Saudi Arabia does not let you enter the place if you are not vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis. We issue these travel vaccination certificates to you after you receive your vaccinations. The travel vaccinations that are most likely to be asked for proof include yellow fever vaccination and meningococcal meningitis and we provide both. The policies regarding travel and health keep changing but Houston Downtown travel clinic has access to up to date information and will guide you accordingly.

Services: One-on-One travel consultations
We have a zero-waiting policy and are extremely punctual. You will be directed to your consultation on the right time. Though, we do encourage you to leave your house or work place earlier than planned to reach just a couple minutes before the time of your meeting in order to avoid any traffic delays and other issues that could cause you to be late. All you have to bring to your appointment is your vaccination records, along with any travel healthcare records or certificates you may have along with your trip itinerary.

 You will have a half an hour time slot in which you can have a direct one-on-one meeting with the top professional travel health adviser. You will discuss your trip details with our expert advice giver. We keep all our client records confidential and private therefore do not be hesitant to go through the details of all the activities that you plan to partake in. By discussing your medical conditions, family medical history and/or any allergies you may have, you give more and more insight to our travel consultant which allows him to carefully examine and point out any or all risks you may be exposed to on your foreign travel. Then they will guide you on how to protect yourself against diseases and mosquito bites. They will give you valuable advice regarding prevention of accidents and injuries and how to deal with them if they, unfortunately, take place. Lastly, they will recommend the travel vaccinations and travel shots that will help you be on top of your health during your trip. These vaccinations and shots will be given to you on the same day. We value your precious time and wrap all of our treatments on the same day, unless some vaccines require follow ups shots because they are spread over a period of time to allow your body to develop immunity effectively.

We acknowledge that a lot of people are in situations that make them extra prone to accidents and diseases and naturally, people in such conditions will require extra care and precautions and have additional questions. These situations can include anywhere from being pregnant, nursing a baby, having a long-term medical condition ranging from a physical disability to a mental disability or illness, or travelling to multiple destinations, travelling for a long period of time or even just being overly cautious and having loads of queries. It will not be possible to go thoroughly over each and every precaution in the thirty-minute consultation, therefore, we recommend to book two back to back meetings to extend the duration of your meeting.

We also arrange emergency consultations for people who have to make urgent trips due to crisis or emergencies. Moreover, our skilled team at GTC Downtown Travel Clinics has all relevant and up to date information regarding all types of professions. They can give you customized advice you for your business trip. This advice will cater to all queries and precautions regarding your profession.

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your computer or dial away! Book your appointment with the best travel clinic right now.