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Covid-19: stay safe from infection in the airport

Covid-19: stay safe from infection in the airport
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Traveling by air but worried about what it’s like at the airport? We’ve got you covered

Air travel is somewhat different under omicron and the pandemic, but the changes are not too difficult to manage, as long as you are prepared.

Do I need to have a covid travel certificate to enter the airport?

In most cases, you will need your covid travel certificate to board your flight. You might also need one on arrival at your destination. When you get tested for covid-19 with Global Travel Clinics, we will send you your results and travel certificate by secure email.

Check with your airline about what your destination requires. You may need:

  • a negative covid test result and certificate
  • to complete online forms before your flight
  • to quarantine on arrival

Arrive early at the airport

Some airlines are asking you to arrive at least three hours before your scheduled international departure and two hours for a domestic flight. This is to allow for enhanced security and pre-travel checks. There may be a bit more waiting around than you are used to. Bring something to keep you occupied while you wait, and ensure you have enough meds to cover the extra time.

Many airlines will let you check in from home via an app that lets you download or print your boarding pass. This can speed the process and help you to avoid queues at the in-person check-in desk.

Can I get a covid-19 test at the airport?

Travel authorities advise against waiting until you arrive at the airport to get tested for covid-19. This is particularly the case if you need a negative PCR test result to enter your destination. There are testing clinics at airports, but if there are queues, or an unforeseen shortage of tests, you will have left it too late to get your test done before your flight.

Never fear, though: it’s quick and easy to book an appointment at one of Global Travel Clinics’ convenient covid-19 testing clinics. We have plenty of covid test slots, so you can easily get an appointment at the time that best suits your journey. Getting a same-day test for covid near your home or work at Global Travel Clinics definitely takes the stress out of air travel.

Are airports cleaner than they used to be?

Most airports now have enhanced cleaning schedules to help protect passengers and travelers. This will include more frequent sanitization of surfaces like counters, kiosks and information tablets. You can protect yourself from covid at the airport by washing your hands often – particularly after touching a frequently-used surface. We recommend carrying some hand sanitizer or hand rub with you.

Can I be escorted in and out of the terminal?

Port authorities are discouraging visits to airports from people who are not traveling, and entry may be restricted to ticketed passengers only. But of course, if you need special assistance from an escort, contact the airport and your airline to see what arrangements are available to you.

Do I have to wear a mask at the airport?

Federal law requires that you wear a face covering at all times in and on the airport. If you don’t comply, you might not be allowed to get on your flight. You might also be subject to criminal or civil penalties if you refuse to mask up at the airport and on your flight. The CDC has some advice about masks that may be helpful. Also note that security might ask you to adjust your mask for identification purposes.

Will there be a temperature check at the airport?

US airports don’t seem to be checking passengers’ temperatures at present, but this may change. Your airline may conduct temperature and other health checks as you board, and you may have your temperature taken at your destination.

Where can I find out more information about staying safe from covid-19 on my journey?

We recommend you check the website for your airport and of the airline you are traveling with. They will provide specific advice about your journey.

There have been some changes to air travel, but with a bit of planning, you can have a stress-free, safe flight.