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Do I need to prove my covid vaccination status to travel?

Do I need to prove my covid vaccination status to travel?
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Ways to prove your covid vaccination status for travel

In some cases, travelers may need to prove that they have been vaccinated against covid-19. But where can you get reliable information about the entry requirements for your vacation? Here are some tips to help you work out what certificates and tests you need for your trip abroad.

How do I get my covid vaccination certificate?

If you have a CDC covid-19 vaccination card, it will act as proof of vaccination, and you can photograph it for safekeeping. You can get digital proof of vaccination against covid-19 by visiting the Centers for Disease Control’s covid-19 vaccination reporting systems.

What data is on a covid vaccination certificate?

The covid vaccination certificate will show:

  • when you received the covid-19 vaccine doses
  • vaccine manufacturer
  • vaccine lot number
  • clinic where you got vaccinated

How do I get catch-up covid-19 vaccine doses?

Visit the CDC’s page on getting your covid vaccine to find out where to get a catch-up covid shot.

Can I show proof of recovery from covid-19 instead of a vaccine certificate?

A positive covid test result that is between ten days old and 90 days old (although this varies by country) will act as proof of recovery from covid-19. Note that the type of test taken matters: some nations will only accept certain kinds of test.

The CDC travel advisories will tell you if your positive covid test result can be used as proof of recovery at your destination.

Please note that Global Travel Clinics does not offer a testing service to people with covid symptoms.

Can I travel if I have not been vaccinated against covid-19

Unvaccinated people can travel, but they are often required by governments to show on entry to their destination proof of a recent negative covid-19 test. At Global Travel Clinics we provide a covid testing service that is tailored specifically for travelers.

When planning your trip abroad, you’ll need to check the covid entry requirements for your destination. You can do this by:

  • checking the CDC’s travel advisories
  • checking the nation’s embassy website
  • asking your airline
  • checking with your occupational health department if you’re traveling for business

What are the covid testing requirements for travel?

In most cases, people who are fully vaccinated do not need to test for covid before travel. But people who are not fully vaccinated may need to show proof of a negative covid-19 test result to enter their destination. It’s important to check the entry requirements for your destination as you plan your trip. Governments do change covid testing requirements for travelers at short notice, and so it’s important to stay up to date with the situation. You can check the embassy website, or ask your airline. The CDC’s travel advisories also have up-to-date covid testing advice for travelers.

Getting a covid test for travel

Global Travel Clinics’ covid testing service is specifically designed for travelers. We have plenty of covid testing appointments, so it will be easy to get your covid test certificate within the 48-, 72- or 96-hour window that is needed for entry to your destination. A covid test appointment takes minutes. We have convenient city-center locations, and rapid covid testing appointments at the start and end of the working day so you don’t need to take time out from your job.

Make an appointment with Global Travel Clinics for rapid covid testing today.