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Do I need a covid test for travel to the United Kingdom?

Do I need a covid test for travel to the United Kingdom?
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What are the covid test requirements for people arriving in the UK from USA?

Planning a trip to London or the wider UK for business or pleasure? You might be wondering if you need to show a negative covid test result on arrival at London Heathrow, Manchester or Glasgow.

What are the covid-19 testing requirements for the UK?

There are no covid-19 testing requirements for travelers entering the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), regardless of vaccination status. This has been the case since March 18, 2022.

However, it is important to note that the COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, and the UK government may reintroduce testing requirements at any time. It is always best to check the latest travel advice from the UK government before you travel.

You can get reliable advice on testing requirements at the UK border from:

Could I get tested voluntarily for covid-19 before I fly to the UK?

You may wish to take a COVID-19 test before you travel to England, even if it is not required. This is to protect others from the virus as you may be spending a long time in a crowded, enclosed aircraft cabin.

It’s quick and easy to organize a covid test suitable for travelers. Just make an appointment at your nearest Global Travel Clinic branch and we will do the rest.

What happens if I get covid while in the UK?

Check out The Centers for Disease Control’s covid-19 advice. You can buy covid test kits from pharmacists in the UK, or you can bring one with you from home. People with covid in the UK are advised to stay at home.

If you need to delay travel because of covid, speak to your travel insurer and your airline.

Is covid a risk in the UK?

The risk of catching covid is present in the UK. So it’s a good idea to take whatever precautions you can to avoid contracting covid when you go to Scotland and England. Make sure your covid shots are up to date before you leave the US to visit the UK. Take feverish respiratory illness seriously while traveling in the UK and on your return to the US. And wear a mask if you are in a crowded, poorly ventilated space during your trip to England.

Should I get a covid test after my return from the UK?

If you are at all worried about your covid infection status on your return from traveling in the UK, search for ‘15-minute covid test near me’.

Global Travel Clinic’s covid test service is ideal for returning travelers: we have plenty of appointments at our covid test clinics. We can offer PCR testing and antibody testing at our clinics. A covid test appointment is very quick – you can be in and out within 15 minutes. Results are available within 24 hours.

With its long history and vibrant culture, the UK is a great destination for vacationing or business – we hope you enjoy your trip, and stay healthy!