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Is it safe to get a covid test while pregnant?

Is it safe to get a covid test while pregnant?
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Concerned about getting a pre-travel covid test during pregnancy? We can reassure you

Travelling while pregnant can be logistically complicated as you work to ensure you and your baby are safe and comfortable while away from home.

Many destinations still require all in-bound aircraft passengers, including people who are pregnant, to show evidence of a negative result from a covid test. But are covid tests used for travel suitable during pregnancy?

We would like to reassure you that the covid tests used for travel are minimally invasive.

What happens at a pre-travel covid test?

The covid test we use is a swab test. A healthcare professional will wipe a large cotton swab across the back of your throat and the inside of your nose. From this, we collect a sample. We send this sample for testing in a laboratory. Because a trained healthcare professional takes the sample for your travel covid test, it is much more likely to give an accurate result, reducing the chance of a false positive or a null test result that your airline won’t accept.

We know that pregnancy is a busy time. A covid test takes minutes to perform. You can be in and out of our travel testing clinic within ten minutes.

How soon will I get my covid test results and certificate?

We can get your fit-to-fly rapid antigen test results to you within a few hours. But if you need a PCR test, the result will be available in 24 hours.

Do I need a covid test for my trip abroad?

Not all destinations and airlines have a covid test requirement. However, governments and administrations respond rapidly to changing situations. So they may introduce covid testing requirements for travelers at short notice. We strongly recommend checking the information from your travel agent, your airline and the administration at your destination at every stage of planning your trip abroad.

Which covid test is right for pregnant travelers?

Rapid antigen test for covid-19 and PCR tests are not invasive. You can take either type of test during pregnancy. The type of test you should get before travel depends on the requirements of your destination government and your airline.

I need a last-minute covid test appointment

If you discover last minute that you need a covid test for travel, get in touch: we have plenty of covid testing appointments near you. You may even be able to get a same-day covid test appointment. Book online, or by phone.

Our travel health clinics have extended opening hours so you can get your test done before or after work.

Where can I get travel health advice if I’m pregnant?

Every traveler, including people who are pregnant, should make a travel health appointment six to eight weeks before departure. You can find out what vaccinations and travel jabs you’ll need, and get advice on fit-to-fly covid testing. Global Travel Clinics has branches across the United States, and can give expert travel health advice. Why not make your travel health appointment today?

We also have a travel health article about travel during pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control has some advice to help pregnant people reduce their risk of getting covid-19.