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What covid tests do unvaccinated travelers need?

What covid tests do unvaccinated travelers need?
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How to work out what covid tests you need as an unvaccinated traveler

If you have not had both doses of the covid vaccine, you may find you have to get tested before travel to meet government requirements at your destination.

Do I need to get vaccinated against covid-19 to board a flight?

You should check with your airline well in advance of your departure to find out what the covid testing requirements are for unvaccinated travelers. You may also need to get a vaccine exemption certificate.

Should unvaccinated travelers get tested for covid for a vacation?

There are some destinations that require arriving unvaccinated travelers to get a covid test within a certain time window before departure. Checking in advance with your airline and your destination’s embassy will allow you to organize the necessary covid tests with plenty of time to spare. You can book a pre-travel covid test with Global Travel Clinics.

You may also want to get a pre-travel covid test for your own peace of mind, particularly if you are visiting a vulnerable person.

Do unvaccinated travelers need to get tested before returning to the US?

There is no requirement for you to get tested for your return to the US – although again, you may wish to get a peace-of-mind covid test. The covid-19 antigen test is ideal for this as the results are available quickly.

Can I get catch-up covid shots for my trip abroad?

The covid vaccine is free for everyone living in the US. To learn more about getting your covid catch-up vaccinations, visit the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Do I need travel vaccines for my business trip?

When you come for your travel health appointment six to eight weeks before your departure, the travel health nurse may recommend some shots. These are recommendations only; but you should check with your travel health insurer and your employer about the effects of this decision. Some of these diseases can make you unwell enough that you need to miss work to recover, and infection may have life-changing consequences.

Some destinations require you to have a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. It may be possible to get a waiver letter for this if there is a medical reason why you cannot get the yellow fever shot. Talk with your usual healthcare provider about this.

As well as travel vaccines, the travel health nurse will recommend steps you can take to reduce the chances that you will be exposed to viruses and bacteria that cause health issues and illness. These include hepatitis A, malaria, yellow fever and meningitis, as well as covid-19. So even if you can’t get vaccinated, it’s a good idea to see a travel health practitioner before you travel.

How do I get a traveler’s covid test?

It’s quick and easy to make an appointment with Global Travel Clinics for a pre-travel covid test. We have plenty of appointments. Please check the entry requirements for your destination to ensure you get tested during the stipulated time window. To learn more about the covid testing requirements for your destination, check the embassy’s advice or ask your airline for guidance.

Can I get a last-minute covid test for my trip abroad?

Global Travel Clinics can help with last-minute travel health appointments. Check our online booking system, or call us on +1 888 351 3336 to find a last-minute travel covid test near you.