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Do I need a covid test to go to Japan?

Fall view of Japan under a blue sky with red trees and a pagoda in the foreground and Mount Fuji in the background.
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Japan is welcoming tourists again – but you may need a covid test before your flight

Now that visa-free travel to Japan has resumed for US tourists, you may be wondering about covid-19 antigen testing before a vacation in Japan.

Stay up to date when traveling to Japan

Japan, as with most countries, presently has quite complex regulations to protect its citizens from covid. These regulations are likely to change suddenly without notice as the government responds to covid levels in its community. So it’s important to make decisions based on the latest travel advice at all stages of planning your trip to Japan.

The best place to get the latest information about covid-19 test entry requirements for US tourists going to Japan is the US Embassy and Consulates in Japan. You can also find health information for your trip to Japan at the US State Department. And you can check with your airline and with your travel agent.

Do I have to get vaccinated against covid to go to Japan?

You can still travel to Japan if you are not fully vaccinated, but you will need to show proof of a negative covid-19 test taken less than 72 hours before your departure.

If you are fully vaccinated against covid-19, you’ll need to show a certificate of vaccination. Fully vaccinated tourists going to Japan do not need to get a pre-travel covid test. If you have not had three doses of a vaccine on the World Health Organization’s emergency use list, the administration of Japan does not view you as fully vaccinated.

Do I need a covid test before I travel to Japan?

People who are not vaccinated against covid-19 will need to show a certificate of a negative result for a covid test taken no more than 72 hours before their flight departs to Japan. If you can’t produce this negative covid test result certificate, you will not be allowed to board your flight to Japan. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has some information about covid-19 negative test result certificates.

Where can I get a covid-19 test for going to Japan?

Global Travel Clinics’ extensive network of travel health centers provides a pre-travel covid testing service and an inspection certificate that is suitable for your trip to Japan. Use our clinics page to find a travel health center near you with a pre-travel covid testing service. It’s quick and easy to make an appointment online at a centrally-located travel clinic near you. Our covid test appointments are very quick, and we have appointment slots available for covid tests suitable for travel to Japan at the start and end of the day so there is no need to miss work.

Will I have to quarantine when I arrive in Japan?

There is no quarantine requirement for travelers arriving in Japan from the US. But you should follow local covid-19 regulations in Japan, and be aware that rules may change at very short notice.

Will I have to wear a mask in Japan?

Most people wear masks when out in public in Japan. The US Embassy in Japan asks that all travelers be mindful of covid restrictions when in Japan.

Do I need to take a covid test in Japan before I return to the US?

There is no US government requirement to get a covid test before boarding a flight to the US. But it is easy to access covid testing services in Japan should you wish to get tested for your own peace of mind.