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Australia opens up to international travelers

Sydney Harbour Bridge
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What are the covid rules when you go to Australia?

Fortress Australia has thrown open its gates to travelers. The news that Australia has relaxed its strict travel rules is being much celebrated by its tourist industry and by international travelers keen to visit loved ones and to see this beautiful country.

But can anyone fly into Australia for a visit? And is it safe to travel in Australia?

Do I need to get tested for covid before I go to Australia?

The Australian Government announced in early July that the border is open. You don’t need proof of a negative covid test to enter Australia.

You can find the latest information about Australia’s entry requirements by reading the Australian Government’s International travel and covid-19 advisory.

You might want to get tested for covid before your flight to Australia or after your return from Australia for your own peace of mind. Or you may be traveling on to a destination that does require a covid-19 test. If you’re unsure about whether you need to get tested for covid ahead of your vacation or business trip, ask at your travel health appointment. We recommend you make a travel health appointment at one of our clinics six to eight weeks before you travel. Your appointment is the perfect time to plan any covid tests that you might need for your outbound and inbound journeys.

Do I need to get vaccinated against covid-19 before I go to Australia?

You don’t need to show proof of covid vaccination when you enter Australia.

Do I need to wear a mask in Australia?

Masks are still required on inbound international flights to Australia. You should check local state and territory advice about where masks are required or recommended in Australia.

Note that countries may change their border requirements at short notice in response to the evolving covid-19 situation.

Should I get tested for covid before I fly out of Australia?

You don’t need to show proof of a negative covid test to return to the US. But if you are flying to another destination, you may need to get tested for covid-19 before your flight. We can help with a video supervised covid test. Order your covid testing kit before you leave the US, and take it with you on your trip. You can then make an appointment with us and take your video-supervised covid test for flying in the comfort and privacy of your accommodation.

Is it safe to travel in Australia?

The US Department of State advises that you take normal precautions when traveling in Australia. The CDC says that levels of covid-19 are high in Australia. You should check the situation regularly while planning your trip abroad, as governments around the world are responding rapidly to changes in covid levels, so rules about testing may change at short notice.

Where can I get reliable health information about my trip to Australia?

The US Department of State’s travel advisory page about Australia has a collection of information and links to other dependable resources that you may find useful when planning your trip to Australia.

If you have any concerns about your health during your vacation in Australia, make an appointment with one of our travel health professionals. They can tell you about any risks that you might be exposed to during your visit. You can also ask your usual healthcare provider for more information about how things like heat, Australia’s climate and any activities you have planned might affect any long-term conditions you live with.