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How to get tested for covid before travel

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The best way to get a reliable coronavirus test for traveling

A covid-19 test is now an essential part of your pandemic travel preparations. Most airlines will need to see proof of a negative coronavirus test before you can board a flight. And the entry requirements for many countries now includes a covid-19 travel certificate. This proves that you have a negative result on a test for covid-19 that was taken within a certain timeframe before travel or arrival.

What are the entry requirements for my destination?

Early in your planning for your trip check the entry requirements for the region you are traveling to and any places that you are transiting. Review the advisories again shortly before you leave as border requirements are subject to change in response to local conditions.

Countries and regions vary in their entry requirements, and as mentioned above these may change very suddenly and without notice. Check a reliable source of advice before booking your pre-travel covid-19 test. You can rely on the US Department of State’s travel advisories when planning vacation and business travel during the pandemic. The government website for your destination should also have up-to-date details about entry requirements for travelers. And ask your travel or booking agent for guidance too.

What entry requirements can I expect for the country I am visiting?

On arrival at your destination you may be asked to show evidence of a recent negative PCR covid-19 test. Some nations will accept a rapid antigen test. Most countries need you to take a test within a specified timeframe, for example, within 48, 72 or 96 hours before you enter. You might have to undergo a health screening or a temperature check.

It is your responsibility to check the entry requirements of your destination and of any countries you will transit through.

Can I get tested for covid-19 at the airport?

Although we have some branches at airport travel health centres, you should not expect to get a covid-19 test at the airport on the day of your flight. Book a local covid-19 antigen test or PCR swab test near your home before you travel. Antigen test results are ready in a few hours, but you have to wait around 24 hours for a PCR test result. As you can see, you would miss your flight if you relied on getting a covid test at the airport.

But Global Travel Clinics has many conveniently located branches where you can get a timely, reliable covid-19 test ahead of your journey.

Booking a covid-19 pre-travel test with Global Travel Clinics

It is so quick and easy to book your pre-travel covid-19 PCR or antigen test with Global Travel Clinics. You can make your booking right nowat the branch of Global Travel Clinics nearest you. We have clinics in convenient central locations, and you can get appointments early or late in the day so you can get tested before or after the working day.

What can I expect at my covid-19 testing appointment

Please bring your passport to your covid-19 testing appointment. We need your passport number for your travel certificate. Your appointment to get tested for covid-19 before travel takes minutes at most.

How long will it be before I get my travel certificate?

Allow 24 hours to receive your covid-19 PCR swab test result and travel certificate.

The antigen test and certificate will be ready in three to four hours. Remember that not all destinations will accept an antigen test result. Please confirm what type of test you need before your appointment.

What can I expect at the airport during the pandemic?

Air travel has seen some changes in response to the covid-19 pandemic. Expect to comply with your airline’s infection-control guidance, as well as requirements at all the airports you are passing through. Refer to your booking agent or to the airport’s websites and resources to check where and when you need to wear a mask. Plan for a few delays, and be ready for

How do I get my covid-19 travel test results?

We will send your covid-19 test results and travel certificate to you. Your PCR certificate will arrive after 24 hours. Your antigen test certificate will come after three to four hours.

For covid-19 travel testing you can rely on, book an appointment with Global Travel Clinics.

Travel rules and entry requirements change suddenly and without notice. Check the government’s advice on travel frequently to ensure that you are complying with the latest guidance. Make yourself aware of the entry requirements for your destination and for any places you are passing through on your journey.