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How to book and take a video test

How to book and take a video test
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Making an appointment for a video-observed covid test is quick and easy with Global Travel Clinics

Before you travel, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your covid tests organized. Booking a covid test with us will save you the hassle of finding a testing clinic in your destination country.

Is a video-supervised covid-19 test suitable for me?

The video-supervised covid test that we offer is a rapid results lateral flow test. This is sometimes known as a rapid antigen test (RAT). It is an express covid test and will give results within the hour. Not all destinations will accept a negative lateral flow test result for entry. Countries are also changing their entry requirements at very short notice. So before you buy your covid test, please check that this test meets your needs.

Our lateral flow tests are suitable for outbound and inbound US travel.

Buying a rapid antigen kit for a video-observed covid-19 test

To buy one of our CDC compliant test kits, follow this link, which will take you to our covid test kit shop. We will dispatch it straight to you.

Booking an appointment for a video covid test

Your confirmation email will have instructions for booking your video appointment. You will need to take your express covid test within a certain time window before your scheduled departure (for example, 72 hours). Our convenient booking system will allow you to make the best appointment for your departure time.

What do I need to take an express covid test?

You will need an internet connection and a way of making a video call, for example, a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop. You don’t need any special software for your covid test video appointment. You will need a clean, quiet place to take the video call and do the covid test. The results take up to half an hour to develop. You can take our lateral flow covid test in your own home, in a hotel room or in your accommodation.

Covid test for travel out of the US

Check your destination’s entry requirements before booking your video appointment. Then make a covid test appointment within the appropriate time window before your departure.

Covid-19 test for traveling to the US

Our express covid test is suitable for US inbound travelers. Make your appointment within 72 hours of your scheduled departure and pack the test kit in your bag.

What happens in my covid-19 test video appointment?

During your video-supervised covid-19 test appointment a trained healthcare practitioner will talk you through the testing process.

What does the test kit contain?

A rapid results lateral flow test kit contains:

  • A sterile swab
  • Buffer solution and a dropper
  • A test strip

Our kit includes two tests. Use the second kit 24 to 36 hours later to confirm your result. No supervision is needed for the second test.

What happens if my video test result is negative?

If your covid-19 test result is negative we will verify it and then send you your results certificate within a few hours.

What happens if my video-supervised covid test is positive?

If you get a positive test result from your video-observed covid-19 test, we cannot issue you with a fit-to-fly certificate. You should not travel, and you should follow local guidance about isolating.

Reduce your covid admin with easy-to-use video-observed tests from Global Travel Clinics.