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The right covid test for your cruise

The right covid test for your cruise
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Understand the covid testing requirements for your cruise

Although covid infection rates are falling, many cruise lines still need to keep passengers safe by insisting passengers are vaccinated and by following a strict testing regime, including pre-departure covid tests and on-board covid-19 testing. But how do you work out what covid tests you need ahead of your cruise? This is further complicated by different covid-test requirements at destinations, too.

Governments and cruise lines are responding to an ever-changing pandemic. So the covid test requirements for your cruising vacation may change at short notice. It’s important to check with your cruise line frequently as you plan your trip to ensure you have the latest information about covid tests for your vacation. But we have plenty of appointments for pre-departure covid testing at your convenient city-center travel health clinics – so why not make your travel health appointments today?

How do I find out the covid test requirements for my cruise?

Cruise lines are very up-front about their covid test requirements for passengers. There should be information about what covid test you need in your booking information. They may have information on their website, or you could call them up and ask for confirmation.

You might want to find out:

  • What type of covid test is suitable for my cruise?
  • How long before joining my cruise do I need to get tested?
  • What covid test documentation do I need for my cruise?

Bring this information to your travel health appointment with Global Travel Clinics, and we will use it to work out a covid testing plan that is right for your cruise.

If you are joining your cruise from a country other than the US, or traveling onward to another destination after the end of your cruise, you’ll need to check the entry requirements for those countries. You can do this at The US Department of State Country Information pages.

Do I need to get vaccinated against covid ahead of my cruise?

Some cruise lines and destinations have vaccination requirements. You should ask your cruise line to clarify these. If you are continuing to another destination after your cruise, you will need to check that you can meet all the entry requirements, otherwise you may be turned away at the border or not allowed to land.

Will I need to get a covid test on board the cruise?

To disembark at some ports or take part in some activities, you may need to get tested for covid while on your cruise. Your cruise director can tell you if this is likely to happen during your vacation.

Can I get a last-minute covid test for my cruise holiday?

Many cruise lines will require you to get tested within a short window of time before your embarkation. Don’t worry if you need a covid test appointment right away. We have plenty of covid testing appointments suitable for travelers, so make an appointment with us for express covid testing.

Where can I get information about general health while on a cruise liner?

The best thing you can do to protect your health while cruising is to make a travel health appointment six to eight weeks before your embarkation. The travel health professionals at our state-of-the art clinics will tell you exactly which travel shots you need ahead of your cruise and give advice on all aspects of travel health.

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